In the Beginning

I’ve never been one to do the whole blog thing. I’m old school. In my teenage years we had a Texas Instruments computer that used big cartridges. Almost all of them were middle school learning tutorials, but there were a few games. There was no such thing as the Internet, Social Media, etc. I can remember spending hours upon hours attempting to beat that silly computer at chess, or alternatively spending hours and hours doing data entry to watch a stick man dance. Boy have times changed.

For now this blog will be about my journey as a writer. I encourage you to follow along and ignore my many typos and grammar issues. I’m not as worried about those in a blog as I am for a published novel. I mean seriously, I am typing to the same world that types out things like, “Brb I have 2 do stg smh.”

If you are a new writer, you may find some of my journey helpful and possibly avoid the traps I fell into. You may find yourself laughing with me, crying with me, or flinging curse words at the walls. In any case, this is my journey.

Many online friends ask the same question: “When did you start writing?” I’d never given it much thought. I’ve been writing since I was a toddler, though most of it was in my head. My earliest memories are from when I was six or seven. I had a gray pin striped dress with a red bow and red stockings. I would sneak into my room and dress up, then play “Orphan Annie.” I weaved more stories than I can recall about my orphan life.

As I aged, I began to write. First it was poetry and later came actual chapters. At the age of thirteen or so, I began a book. It was based on the popular television show, “The Love Boat.” I recreated the cast and wrote my own storyline using friends as my characters. The “book” got passed around to many and soon I had a small following. Pity I didn’t pursue it.

I got married and became a mom at the ripe age of eighteen. By the time I was twenty five, I had four children and a ton of housework. There was zero time for writing. I was lucky to get dressed each day.

Now that the nest is empty and I have loads of free time, I began to write a fairy tale book for my grandchildren. When that didn’t work out, I changed gears. I had a dream and in it, Ashes to Ashes was born. That was almost seventeen months ago.

That’s right. My novel was born because of a dream and as of today sits in its final edits. In my next post, I will share the joy and heartache of writing the novel.

Until then, I would love if you’d share with me “When you began writing” in the comments.



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