Chessy the Cat

I was so excited after I’d finished my NanoWriMo challenge, I spent a couple of weeks editing and stupidly thought I was ready for publishing. Oh the arrogance of new writers.

I begged and pleaded, tried to bribe folks to read me! Then Chessy the Cat walked into my life. She happened to post in a Facebook group that she had down time and was looking for books to beta read or review. Ohhhhh. Here was my chance!

Now remember, I stupidly thought my book was ready for this. I had edited. I had edited again. No beta readers. I was ready! Boy, was I so very wrong.

Chessy was and is a remarkable person. She dedicates her time to reviewing books for authors. She doesn’t like zombies, vampires, supernatural, gory stuff, etc. But she’ll read mostly anything else. Here’s the thing. You’d better have your story tight and you’d better have your ducks in a row. Why? Because she’s honest. The one solitary thing all authors need – an honest reviewer.

Now, she was easy on me. Much easier than I deserved. She read my book in a few days and sent emails with questions, comments, suggestions. Here’s the thing. Once I had applied all her suggestions, I arrogantly asked her what she would give me star wise if my book were published. You ready for this? Her response was, “If I were to review it as it was given to me, 3 out of 5 stars”. My heart fell. But … let me tell you, she was absolutely right.

I read the book from start to finish and fixed things I found along the way. Keep in mind, I’m a fuddy duddy. In my era we double spaced after periods! Removing those was tricky. Breaking the habit was even harder. I edited all the way through. Then, I did it again. And then I ran it through two software programs. And now it sits with beta readers and a proof reader. Because even though I did all that, I still missed stuff. Guess what? So will you. You aren’t godlike. You are human, so your brain will fill in missing words without you even realizing it. Trust me.

Chessy loved my story, but she pushed me to do and be better. She’ll do the same for you. So, check her out at Message her on Facebook at and when she has time -and- if she wants to read your book, she’ll read it and review it.

Love you Chessy.



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